Twin Peaks

released November 1, 2021
This is a custom made CD. It comes with a generic nice “ICTUS records” cover

Andrea Centazzo Percussion, Mallet Kat, Sampling
Elisabeth Harnik Piano, Objects

Recorded live in concert by Raimund Spoeck at Villa For Forest, Klagenfurt, Austria on December 13th 2019
Edited, mixed and produced by Andrea Centazzo at ICTUS Studio, Long Beach, California November 2021
Concert organized by Raimund Spoeck for Verein Innenhofkultur, Klagenfurt

Cover art by AC

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We like here to quote part of what the magnificent musician and great friend Steve Swell wrote about our duo just few months ago:

“...The improvisations on this recording radiate with life and provide an expansive look into the deeper reaches of our minds. Each one completely engaged me, spurring my imagination in so many ways, taking me to new places that created landscapes with some vivid and unusual scenery. It was a fun listen by two master improvisers and the perfect antidote to another day in the confines of the Corona-Virus Blues. The power of improvisation. Its where it’s at my friends....

There’s an ancient-future that reveals itself constantly here. A modernity that grows and blooms from the rich soil of the recent, flowering into the next, to assure the winning of a hard scrabble evolution into humanness…”

Steve Swell, New York City, June 5, 2020

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