released May 19, 2020

Steve Lacy Soprano saxophone
Andrea Centazzo Drum Set and Percussion
(Kent Carter Bass in SCRAPS # 9)

From the recording sessions (live & studio) of Clangs and Tao (Udine, Bologna and more, Italy).
SCRAP #9 from an audio cassette recorded at Teatro Lirico, Milano, Italy

Edited, mastered and digitally processed by Andrea Centazzo at ICTUS Studio, May 14th – 19th 2020
Produced and designed by Andrea Centazzo as ICTUS 189


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Sometime an old box of tapes, overlooked for decades, could reserve nice surprises.

This album is a collection of those surprises.

In the years of my collaboration with Steve Lacy, we did a lot of recording and we selected what was the best for the short length of the vinyl LPs. So some tracks were edited leaving part of the improvisations out or discarded for a similarity with something already included in the albums. Thanks to the digital editing, I had the chance to reorganize those scraps in a new album. It took a bit of efforts to get a good sound but it was accomplished.

Playing it back, I enjoyed all the tracks for the energy of the performances, the strength of the music and especially for the absolute beautiful Steve playing: I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

AC May 19th 2020

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