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Artist booking

Since its foundation, ICTUS Records prided itself of being a completely
autonomous entity both in regard of producing Albums and of helping its
musicians to tour, promoting live the ICTUS released.

In this page, you’ll find the latest projects on tour for 2021 and 2022.

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Duo concert:

ART: the music of Steve Lacy. In the summer of 2021, saxophonist Roberto
Ottaviano and percussionist Andrea Centazzo toured Europe to commemorate
the fifteenth anniversary of the passing of their friend and mentor, jazz legend
Steve Lacy. In May 2022 they will bring this project to California, joined by Los
Angeles bassist Jeff Schwartz. Lacy and Centazzo’s late 1970s collaboration
produced the classic LPs Clangs and Trio Live (with Kent Carter), as well as five
archival releases, all on Centazzo’s Ictus label. The related ICTUS duo
Albums are On a rainy day and The Gates

Twin Peaks: experimental pianist Elisabeth Harnik is one of the main voices of
European avantgarde: Since 2018 she collaborates with Andrea Centazzo in
concert and releasing for ICTUS an Album of the same name. Music pushing
the limits of sound exploration.

LA Strictly Confidential: the West Coast Chamber Music Trio consists of Ellen
Burr flutes, Jeff Schwartz bass and Andrea Centazzo percussion. An LA based
group is very active in California and toured already Europe two time. The
related ICTUS CD has the same name of this project. A new album is in the

Solo multimedia concert:

Echoes: world premiere 2022 of this new project, tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini,
one of the most celebrated figure in the XX century Italian culture for the
Centennial of the birth. It follows 3 more orchestral and solo concerts dedicated
to Pasolini on ICTUS.

Cycles of life: a thrilling anthological experience summing up 20 years of
Andrea Centazzo’s work in the field. From the ICTUS CDs Mandala, Sacred
Gong Dive and Eternal Traveler

Tides or Gravity: produced by NASA, Caltech, LIGO and supervised and
presented by the Nobel Prize for Physic Kip Thorne, the concert celebrated the
first detection of the Gravitational Waves, predicted by Einstein 100 years ago. A
previous version has been released on ICTUS as DVD titles ECM.

The Seer: commissioned for the 500th Anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci death, this concert takes a deep dive into Leonardo’s life and work in music. An
updated version of the original ICTUS album Eternal Traveler