Progressive Jazz from Italy / 1977 – 1989

All compositions by Andrea Centazzo

Alvin Curran: Piano
Paolo Bordini: Piano
Roberto Manuzzi: Soprano & Alto Sax
John Bradfield: Bass
Carlo Actis Dato: Baritone Sax, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Sax
Ricky Massari: Piano & Harmonica
Geoff Warren: Alto Sax
Andrea Centazzo: Drums, Percussion & Keyboards

Recorded, edited, re-mastered, designed & produced by Andrea Centazzo

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I started my musician career in 1970 as devoted jazz fan and hard practicing drummer. But I was also interested in electronics and experimental music, in improvising and composing.

My goal was to blend in an unique form of musical expression all my interests, dream that 30 years later, I can happily say that I fully accomplished.

Following the previously released ICTUS collection in two discs (ICTUS 503) presenting the best of my early music recorded in solo and with my groups, here you'll find a new anthology of my jazz compositions written between 1977 and 1989.

Most of the tracks were composed for theatrical productions or movie soundtracks, especially at the end of the ‘80s.

Andrea Centazzo - January 2011