As the Crow Flies

1.   Alì Boma Yè (A.Cyrille dr./ G.Mazzon tp. / G.Liguori p.)

2.   Lullaby for Duccio (G.Mazzon p./ E. Christi voc. / T.Tononi pc.

3.   Song N.4 (Lester Bowie tr. / G. Mazzon tp.)

4.   Fire and Light (G.Mazzon tp)

5.   Studio N.2,6 (G. Mazzon p. / M. Schiano a.sax)

6.   In cerchio (G.Mazzon flh./ A. Mandarini tp.)

7.   Et voilà (M. Godard tu./ G.Mazzon tp.)

8.   Drops N.3 ( G.Mazzon tp./ G. Maier cb.)

9.   Composition N.45 (R.Ottaviano s.sax/ G.Mazzon tp.)

10. Frammento N.1 (G.Mazzon tp. / A.Mandarini tp.)

11. Waiting for a symphony (G.Mazzon tp./R.Ottaviano s.sax)


all compositions by Guido Mazzon


Different musicians, different places, different times: one mind about music.  Playing like writing  on a “tabula rasa” where I draw sounds, emotions, and closed relationships with my partners. Play music to live a common experience, to blow emotions not necessarily to say high concepts, anyway, to tell stories. I’ve always told the same story in my music, my own story. I only change  the colours, the moods, the accents…
I think that to be free means make close connections  between ideas and feelings: this is a reasonable  evolution.
I love composing improvised music and improvising composed music – improvising is something you can’t improvise – the main thing is to evaluate the urgency of saying something as it is being said – the only difference between composition and improvisation is the sense of time. Sometimes I like to put more metaphysics in music, sometimes more music in metaphysics.
Each tune “as the crow flies”. (G.Mazzon )


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