The Journey

released March 1, 2020

Perry Robinson: Clarinet, Micro-Ocarina, Bird-Calls
Andrea Centazzo: Percussion, MalletKat, Sampling

Recorded on May 30, 2015 at Peter Kuhn’s house in San Diego, CA, USA
Recording engineer: Nathan Hubbard

Mixed, edited and produced on August 23rd-29th at Ictus Studio, Long Beach, CA, USA by Andrea Centazzo
Executive Producers: Nobu Stowe & Peter Kuhn

This album is dedicated to Perry Robinson (September 17, 1938 – December 2, 2018)

Our heartfelt thanks to Paolo Polli for the use of his beautiful painting

Cover Photo: Croco Cactus by Paolo Polli (oil and acrylic on canvas)
Cover art by Andrea Centazzo
Duo photos by Nobu Stowe

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Perry travelled to Southern California in May-June 2015; his onetime pupil, Peter Kuhn, and I – both live in San Diego – organized some concerts and recording dates. Back in 2006, I toured across the East Coast with Perry and Andrea. While this trio jelled (check “The Soul in the Mist” on Ictus), I wanted to hear Perry and Andrea in free spirited duo. So Andrea – who calls Long Beach home – drove down to San Diego with his percussion array.

First, the duo gigged at the Taoist Sanctuary on Park Blvd. This was Perry’s first local appearance in ages. Secretly, I was hoping to witness the shadow of “Clangs” by Lacy & Centazzo, recorded in 1976. Of course, Robinson was not Steve – different instruments, conceptions and temperaments – not to mention Andrea had come a long way from his halcyon days with the soprano sax master.
So my preconception was unfulfilled, naturally.

Nevertheless, Perry and Andrea inhabited the same space – the space filled with sounds coming out of silence. Their musicality was inherently harmonious or what the Japanese would call “a-un (阿吽)”. So I experienced the magic, nonetheless.

On the following day, the duo improvised to record at Peter’s house overlooking Pacific Beach. Nathan Hubbard, who normally anchors drums, engineered. Perry loved it. Andrea cherished it. And we were all inspired. We also promised to release it – but failed to deliver. So the tape sat incubating.

On the day Perry left, my wife – who had become close to him – felt the traveling wind. Twice.
Without knowing his departure. Peter felt the same. I did not but called Andrea. So you can all hear the music.

But this is all for you, my friend, The Traveler.

Nobu Stowe October 9, 2019

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