Koans is a collection of duets, trios and groups featuring Andrea Centazzo along with the top percussionists of the improvised and jazz scene of the last 40 years.

CD #1: Percussionist David Moss and Alex Cline were the co-protagonists with Centazzo of an artistic adventure, individualistic in its stylistic coherency and, at the same time, pluralist in its inspiration. A group of young percussionist leaded by Andrea Centazzo and Pierre Favre performing along, is included in this CD

CD #2: In 2016 Andrea Centazzo and Michael Evans recorded at WKCR, Columbia University in New York the series of duets presented here. Experimental percussion in the noisy “bruitism” style.

CD #3: Recorded at the Stone, NY in April 2012 the trio featuring Andrew Cyrille, Barry Altschul and Andrea Centazzo is a percussion gem exploring the boundaries of jazz. After that you have an ensemble including Centazzo on percussion and electronics and four more percussion players: David Moss, Steve Hubback, Jeffrey Daniel Jensen, Per Oliver Jorgens. Recorded in Arhus, Denmark in 1986.

Musicians: Barry Altschul, Andrew Cyrille, Alex Cline, Pierre Favre, David Moss, Steve Hubback, Jeffrey Daniel Jensen, Per Oliver Jorgens, Michael Evans, Andrea Centazzo

This is a custom made CD set made individually on request. It comes in a series of nice generic ICTUS MASTERS cardboard covers boxed together with included liner notes.


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