released August 28, 2020

Andrea Centazzo Electronics Percussion
Giancarlo Schiaffini Trombone, Tuba

Recorded in Los Angeles 2018 (#1), Rome 2015 (#2, #3, #4) and Chicago 2017 (#5)

Mixed edited and produced by Andrea Centazzo
at Ictus Studios, february 2018

Cover art and photo by A.C.

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Collaboration between percussionist, keyboardist and composer andrea Centazzo and trombonist, composer Giancarlo Schiaffini started in 1977. After a hiatus of 30 years the two musicians met in 2012 and started collaborating again with recordings and tours.

This album is a surprising new twist in their adventure based mostly on electronics. Centazzo is playing a Mallet Kat with his owns sampling while Schiaffini is filtering the trombone in an electronic setting.

A new contemporary sound that will surprise you.

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