Rebels, Travelers & Improvisers

Single CD

Ictus 132

John Fisher, Theo Jörgensmann, Lester Bowie, Alvin Curran, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Melvin Poore, Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill, Martin Joseph, Eugenio Colombo, Tony Oxley, Andrea Centazzo


This is a compilation of music performed with some of the groups I was collaborating from the ICTUS beginning to the end.  Actually here you'll hear the very first group, a quartet with Evan Parker, Eugenio Colombo and Marting Joseph, recorded in Pistoia in 1977 and the last one the combo with John Fisher, Theo Jorgesmann, Melvin Poore recorded at the Breghenz Jazz Festival in Austria...Evan Parker came for a workshop and some duo concerts and while there, Martin and Eugenio joined in for this one night performance...
The last track on this compilation is a very special one: the sextet that you can hear here (Bowie, Curran, Schiaffini, Parker, Oxley, Centazzo) was part of an orchestral project held in Modena in 1976 where many musicians were performing in different combination from duos to full big band. I casually found this cassette (yes, a cassette!!!) and after a careful digitally re-mastering I decided to include it in the compilation even if the sound is not the best possible... (Andrea Centazzo)


In some ways, the instant recording is a good finale, bringing together a diverse collection of takes selected by Centazzo, and offering a glimpse at the dazzling, sometimes dizzying array of talent that the Italian percussionist attracted throughout the collection...

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