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Ictus 128

Andrea Centazzo Mitteleuropa Orchestra


Finally after a long and careful digital re-mastering process, I'm pleased present here some un-issued orchestral compositions. Mitteleuropa Orchestra was a project commissioned in 1979 by the City Cultural Affairs department in Bologna. The formation was flexible and variable, depending on the performance requirements, but it always retained its essential characteristics thanks to a fixed nucleus of musicians.
Mitteleuropa Orchestra was born from my interest in expanding my composing experiences: so I got together a group of talented young musicians together with several big-name soloists for an orchestral project that I decided to call Mitteleuropa in homage to what for me was, at that time, the ideal center of my own cultural background...  (Andrea Centazzo)


Mitteleuropa Orchestra, the brainchild of Italian percussionist, Andrea Centazzo, was an unusual band, featuring a forward-looking all-star lineup that immersed itself in the often chamber-like compositions of its leader, mixing genres, exploiting the extraordinary improvisational skills of some of its participants, and exhibiting one of the most complete realizations of Centazzo's vision...

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