Gianluigi Trovesi: Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax
Theo Jorgensmann: Clarinet
Gino Commisso: Trumpet
Franz Koglmann: Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Carlo Actis Dato: Bass Clarinet, Baritone Sax
Roberto Manuzzi: Soprano & Alto Saxes
Andrea Anzola, Silvio Stagni: French Horn
Guido Vianello, Paolo Zanella, Piero Bertelli, Aurelio Corradini: Percussion
Luciano Bolzon Violin, Franco Feruglio: Double Bass
and the Mitteleuropa String Section

Andrea Centazzo: Conductor

Recorded in Vienna, Austria, June 13th 1983 at the XX Century Contemporary Art Museum

Mixed, edited, designed and produced by Andrea Centazzo 2006-2011

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Released originally as double LP: Cjant - First Concert For Small Orchestra Based Upon Friulian Folk Songs, is Centazzo's first orchestral composition combining a string section along with the original Mitteleuropa (Free Jazz) Orchestra. The name for the ensemble came not only from the cultural background of its members but also from middle-European mold of the music written for it.

In the Mitteleuropa Orchestra, Centazzo brought together the finest artists in the field of creative music on the European scene at that time: the Austrian trumpeter-Franz Koglmann, the Portuguese violinist-Carlo Zingaro, saxophonist-Roberto Ottaviano, multi-instrumentalist-Gianluigi Trovesi, and clarinetists-Carlo Actis Dato and Teo Jorgesmann, as well as occasional guest appearances from trombonist-Albert Mangellsdorf, bassist-Mark Dresser and french horn player-Martin Mayer. Cjant is a fundamental chapter in the group's history.