Back to the Future

Single CD

Ictus 130

Anthony Coleman, Marco Cappelli, Davey Williams, Ladonna Smith, Andrea Centazzo


The story behind this CD is really singular and date back to a couple of years ago. One day I got an e-mail from Marco Cappelli a young Italian guitarist, living in New York and making quickly a reputation in the avant-garde and improvised music scene. Marco was trying to establish a contact, claiming similarities between my and his experience. I was intrigued by the letter and, even if my recent music was totally on another planet, I decided to write him and establish a relationship that later became a great friendship.
The improvised music experiences in the 80s were quite conclusive for me. After ten years of passionate dedication to jazz and everything that revolved around it, I suddenly realized that I was interested more and more in composing, in bringing back my melodic side into the music; I rediscovered my roots and wanted to study and compose, bringing to a close, a phase of my personal artistic life. But... never say never... (Andrea Centazzo)


One of the most striking aspects of Back to the Future is the return of Andrea Centazzo in 2005 after years of inactivity as a percussionist...

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