The Battle

In ancient Rome, chariot racing was one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Young nobles used to fiercely race their chariots around the 7 hills of the city. People on their path had to scatter to get out of the way, as they stopped for no one.  But the event always generated strong spectator enthusiasm.

In today’s New York, as this “Centazzo Invasion Orchestra” concert was progressing that evening at the Stone, I suddenly had a vision of such a mighty show. Like those Roman nobles, there were 13 intrepid musicians — who had never played as a band before – vigorously playing in front of an enthused educated audience.

The music’s powerful energy, its flamboyance, its subtle colors and shades, its clever twists, its strong burning flame came out as a glowing display of bold inventiveness. With this invigorating concert, the Ictus Festival rose quietly triumphant, leaving in the mind vivid sounds and images of a chariot of Italian and American musicians on fire.

A most welcome invasion it was…

Gilles Marie-Paul Laheurte
27 September 2012

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