Sacred Gong Two

released November 2, 2020

Andrea Centazzo: Gongs, Ogororos, Bells, Hubback Chimes and Gongs, Icebells, Tampangs, Chinese gongs, Taiko Drum, Sarong, Crotales

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Gong music for meditation, yoga and rituals

Recorded between 2019 and 2020 in several locations, this Album presents again the gong music of Gong Master Andrea Centazzo one of the first musicians to embrace the use of the gongs as tools for making music since 1970. Andrea was inventor and designer at UFIP in 1975/1978 creating some of the most interesting gongs and metal instruments still in demand today. His ICEBELL, was copied (without permission!!)and sold in millions of pieces around the world.

This album once again is conceived for meditation (and recorded during several meditation sessions) and rituals ranging from calm sound waves to thrilling rhythmic improvisations.

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