Rain on the Borders

This CD presents two memorable concerts somehow very important for the development of my composer career.

Especially the first, recorded in Bari, Italy in 1987 with the original Mitteleuropa Orchestra. In fact this was the last concert of that Mitteleuropa and the last where I gave space to improvisation in the compositional texture. As you can hear, the music has already changed from the previous open structure of my early pieces to a totally controlled environment.

In 1985 I wrote “Homage to Pier Paolo Pasolini” the first of my compositions using an operatic singer, a narrator and orchestra and for Time Zone Festival I decided to blend the instrumental parts of that work with improvisation segments. I can definitively say that the Bari concert presented the end of the first phase of my orchestral writing.

In the following years to date, I kept improvising live in concert with small groups and in my solo projects, dedicating myself writing operas and instrumental pieces in a more classical tradition.

“Rain on the borders”, written and recorded in 1995, is equally important since, for its melodic content, is the prelude to the opera TINA (1996) and the ones following in the years: “Last letters to Musil” (1997), “Memento” (2000) and “Simultas” (2001).

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