Improvisations based upon Jewish biblical chant. In loving memory of my father, Stan Gluck.

  1. Jeremiah Speaks
  2. A First Lamentation
  3. A Second Lamentation
  4. Jeremiah Speaks Again
  5. Esther’s Story
  6. A Third Lamentation
  7. Jeremiah Speaks Further
  8. Jeremiah Speaks Yet Again
  9. A Fourth Lamentation
  10. A Fifth Lamentation
  11. Jeremiah Continues To Speak
  12. Esther’s Story Continues

Bob Gluck: piano, electronics and sound collage
Andrew Sterman: soprano saxophones
Voices: Elana Gordis, Hazzan Jack Kessler

Compositions: traditional, arranged by Bob Gluck (Electricsongs / ASCAP 2014)

Recorded September 9, 2012
Recording engineer: Scott Lehrer
Mixed by Troy Pohl
Front cover painting by Stanley Gluck

Mastered, designed & produced by Andrea Centazzo in LA, January 2014


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Tropelets. Layers of interweaving melody, highlighting the sonic beauty of the historical cantorial tradition and the openness, dialog and parallel play found within modern jazz improvisation. A multi-layered duet for piano, soprano saxophone, and a melange of voices.

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