Escape From 202021

released March 17, 2021

Don Preston Piano, Keyboards
Andrea Centazzo MalletKat, Percussion, Sampling

Recorded live at Alva’s in San Pedro California by Larry Richardson on 02/14/2011
Mixed and edited at ICTUS Studio (Long Beach, CA) by Andrea Centazzo on March 16/17th 2021.
Cover image by Don Preston. Cover art by AC.

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Sometime you just overlook things and time pass before finding out what you missed. This is the case of this recording that lay unnoticed in my archive. When few days ago I discovered and I listened the 6 track I was blown away!

A live recording impeccable as recorded in a top studio with Don Preston in a state of grace.

I remember being both very disappointed that night since nobody came to the gig and we ended up playing for 5 friends and the crew. Nevertheless we played emotionally and with great intensity and this is the result.

It is worth mentioning here that Don was (and still is at the ripe old age of 85) one of the best and most creative pianists and keyboardists on the international scene (Rock, Avant-garde/Experimental and Jazz) and a true magician with electronics. The title suggested by Don for our first album is very much appropriate for this moment of our lives hence this second release. We all hope really to escape two years of pain, fear and no personal communication.

This is without doubt another hidden treasure of the ICTUS catalog.

Andrea Centazzo ( Long Beach, 03/17/2021)

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