East Side Banquet

Nobu Stowe: Steinway Grand Piano, Fender Rhodes & Wurlitzer El, Pianos
Ray Sage: Drums
Ross Bonadonna: electric & acoustic guitars, alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Lee Pembleton: Sound

Special guests
Brian Groder: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Lisle Ellis: Double Bass, Acoustic Bass Guitar, “Bass & Circuitry”

All music was spontaneously composed/improvised by R.Bonadonna-B.Groder-L.Ellis-L.Pembleton-R.Sage-N.Stowe
(Mov.VII is free improvisation based on “Nardis”)
All music is published by Pochi Neko Ongaku Syuppan (BMI)

Recorded (August 4, 2011) and Mixed (August 10, 2011) by Marc Urcelli at East Side Studio, NYC

Edited, mastered, designed & produced by Andrea Centazzo


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Following "Roulette Concert" (ICTUS Records 165) recorded in September 2010, Confusion Bleue went dormant for nearly a year. But all of us were looking for the chance to document another chapter of this total improvisation unit, and by July of 2011, decided to go into a studio. Ray Sage suggested "East Side Studio" in NYC. Remembering the fresh voice supplied by the soprano saxophonist Chris Kelsey who guested at the Roulette gig, I suggested inviting Brian Groder, whose adventurous-yet-lyrical approach would be (and is!) a perfect fit to our edition of fully improvised music with healthy respects for melody and tonal harmony. Ray in turn suggested inviting the bassist Lisle Ellis, who proved (yet again!) to be free-spirited as well as cohesive. While the recorded materials showed good potentials, we felt some editing would be beneficial, and so were all thrilled when Andrea Centazzo offered to share his creative genius. Needless to say, Andrea succeeded to spice up our "musical banquet" at the "east side"!!

Nobu Stowe (October 2012)

Special Thanks: Andrea Centazzo, Kenny Inaoka (Jazz Tokyo)
Cover illustration by Honyo Ohte (Tako Production)