Duets 1978

John Zorn Alto Sax
Andrea Centazzo Percussion, Electronics.

Duet #1 recorded at WKCR (NY) by Taylor Storer on November, 29th 1978
Duet #2 recorded by Scott Friedlander at The Stone on April, 17th 2012

Remixed by AC at ICTUS Studio, Long Beach, CA on April 12-16 2021

Cover Art & Photo by AC

This album is also available for digital purchase onĀ ictusrecords.bandcamp.com:


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This album presents two duets. The first recorded on November 1978 and released in a reduced version (th fit the LP format) in the ICTUS Album USA Concert. The second recorded in 2012 at The Stone, NY.

It has been always a joy and a honor play with John, one of the most gifted improvisers since the early years.

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