released May 16, 2020

Roberto Zorzi: el. guitar & project artistic director
Tim Berne: alto sax – Mark Feldman: violin
Herb Robertson: trumpet & flg.- Percy Jones: el. bass
Matteo Ederle: keyboards – Bobby Previte: drums

Recorded live in stereo at Rocella Jonica Jazz Festival,August 1990
Edited by Dario Bontempi, Eclipse Studio, Milano
Originally produced by Roberto Zorzi & Maurizio Favot
Executive Producer Paolo Landini – Photos: Luigi Zanon

Originally released as “THE BANG” on Nueva Records (NC 3011) 1991
Released on ICTUS 2011 by lincensing agreement with Roberto Zorzi

Designed & produced by Andrea Centazzo – July 2011

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In a morning of 2 years ago, I got a surprising email from somebody from my past: guitarist Roberto Zorzi.

I think to remember that we met briefly in 1975 only and then our paths diverged until that email out of the blue.

Roberto was in Los Angeles visiting, so we had the opportunity to reconnect and meet. I had the chance to listen to his past works and I was very impressed.

Very versatile and innovative guitarist who deserves much greater recognition, Roberto Zorzi is one of the few guitar players to develop his own sound on the instrument.

He has been for years the mastermind behind several original projects and I'm very happy that I had the occasion to start to collaborate with Roberto on several of them. When he proposed me to release his music on ICTUS, I was excited for the unique and peculiar direction of his work.

Here, along with 6 of the greatest masters of improvised - experimental music, Roberto presents a magmatic collection of composition and improvisations recorded live in concert.

Recorded in 1991 this album shows clearly the futuristic approach and the innovative vision of an original and creative master musician.

Andrea Centazzo, July 2011