The German Horse

The first acclaimed tour of Andrea Centazzo and Eugene Chadbourne in 1978!
A must have for the fans of surreal improvised music!

released January 16, 2021

Eugene Chadbourne: Acoustic and Electric guitar, Dobro
Andrea Centazzo: Percussion, Moog Synthesizer

Recorded in Grado and Milan, Italy – October 1978

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...I went and practiced guitar on the Tiber.... Then I went to a phone center and called Centazzo in Udine. "Chatterbox? Where are you man?" he shouted somewhat frantically. "I need your ass to be on the border of Yugoslavia".

One gig was in a disco on the island of Grado. A German whore came on to me.

I had been drinking wine, beer and champagne and playing weird electric guitar solos all night. Luckily an old man that looked like Raymond Massey trying to be Boris Karloff in the film of Arsenic and Old Lace stole her away from me...

(excerpt from album's liner notes by Eugene Chadbourne)

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