Over the past thirty years, Italian-American composer / percussionist / multimedia artist Andrea Centazzo has created an amazing body of work, spanning a wide range of musical styles. Starting in the 1970s, he helped instigate the free jazz movement in both Europe and America. In the 1980s, he combined his compositions with both ethnic and environmental sounds, anticipating what wouldbecome new age music.

In the 1990s he produced large scale ensemble works, starting with the formation of his Mitteleuropa Orchestra in the early 1980s, going on to write and stage operas, symphonies and chamber works.

Also active as theater and film music composer, Centazzo wrote several soundtracks both in Los Angeles and Italy, later combining his music and images in multimedia live shows, now core of his activity.

Andrea Centazzo, a true musical renaissance man, offers in this series an outstanding collection of his music, personally chosen, re-mastered, and presented the way it was originally intended. He also offers many unreleased recordings recently discovered in his archives. Sit back, listen, and enjoy!


Michael Bettine (journalist / percussionist / composer)
Milwaukee, January 2005

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