Single CD

Ictus 146

Andrea Centazzo   Hans-Peter Salentin  Sylwia Bialas




The musical journey of three voyagers into the universe of free improvisation, musical European traditions, jazz avant-guard, ambient and post-electric Miles.
I always consider myself a composer using percussion and keyboards as one of many means I'm using (orchestra included) to give life to my music. That's why in an album making, the conceiving before ad the editing after are so important to me. (Andrea Centazzo)


Unreal ... this album is unreal because it does not sound like anything you've heard before. The greatest thing is the overall effect : the pure voice, the trumpet, the percussion. Pure jazz aficionados should abstain, this is nu-jazz, fusion, ambient, avant-garde new-age jazz or whatever you call it, but it's genuine, it's authentic, it's cinematic, it's dramatic, the search for expressiveness and the result are not fake, no plastic. It's real. (Steff,

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