The Warriors

Single CD

Ictus 143

Toshinori Kondo, Eugene Chadbourne, Andrea Centazzo





Long awaited, never before published live chronicles of legendary Kondo / Chadbourne / Centazzo 1979 Italian tour. The document of the time, the music, and one of the direction of the improvised art form in late 70s.


We showed up at the train with all the equipment, 50 cases of percussion. The organizer is five hours late to meet. Then we all get searched on highway by the Italian police, looking for terrorists of the Red Brigade... (excerpts from E. Chadbourne tour diaries)


What truly stands out is that this trio sounds like a magical combination of sounds that is constantly shifting between dynamic and sections. There is nothing too bombastic or over the top here. What makes this historic is the we find three improvisers from different scenes/countries early in the careers, playing together with a new vocabulary and combing their forces to come up with something unique and new and fresh. (BLG, Downtown Music Gallery)

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