The Soul in the Mist

Single CD

Ictus 141

Perry Robinson, Nobu Stowe, Andrea Centazzo






Recorded live in concert, with the clarinet legend Perry Robinson and the up-and-coming Japanese pianist Nobu Stowe, "The soul in the Mist" not only stands as one of the newly recorded ICTUS productions but also states the beginning of a new creative path for composer and percussionist Andrea Centazzo.
This recording might be interpreted as metaphor for living: how we wander with our eyes open to the vastness of what is ahead until something unexpected confuses us and causes us to stop, literally eradicating our wonder. (Lyn Horton,


The Soul in the Mist is a magnificent creative work by this trio of musicians, and will repay close listening many times over.
(Budd Kopman, All About Jazz) more


Soul in the Mist is an endearing journey into otherworldly sonic possibilities. Centazzo, Robinson and Stowe render a group sensibility of the highest order through intuitive listening and discerning musical choices.
(John Barron, All  About Jazz) more

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