Moot & Lid

Single CD

Ictus 135

Lol Coxhill, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Andrea Centazzo


The collaboration between Andrea Centazzo and Lol Coxhill lasted few years and saw mainly in 3 different combination the two playing in duo or with trombonist Giancarlo Schiaffini or with the trumpeter Franz Koglmann. In 1987 Coxhill, Centazzo and Schiaffini met in Pistoia for a recording session that originated the LP MOOT.
This is the first CD reissue of two seminal LP's featuring the soprano sax master Lol Coxhill along with Andrea Centazzo and Giancarlo Schiaffini; Lol plays solos in the LID tracks.


... a great, well-balanced, most distinctive and highly creative trio. Pure Euro-style Improv has a magical side when is works at its best level. This trio is a righteous example of that as they blend their sounds into a surprisingly consistent combination. (BLG, Downtown Music Gallery)

$ 16.49