3-CD Set

Ictus 504

Pierre Favre, David Moss, Alex Cline, Steve Hubback, Jeffrey Daniel Jensen, Per Oliver Jorgens, Andrea Centazzo


Disk 1: Here you'll find music recorded mostly with the great master Pierre Favre. Centazzo played a duo concert and recorded the LP titled Dialogues: from the same session some of the pieces here enclosed are taken. Also featuring are the two masters with a large percussion ensemble.


Disk 2: Percussionist David Moss and Alex Cline were the co-protagonists with Centazzo of an artistic adventure, individualistic in its stylistic coherency and, at the same time, pluralist in its inspiration.


Disk 3: Here you'll find some compositions for percussion instruments performed by the Italian group Brake Drum Percussion. Here music reflects the new direction taken after the ICTUS years, more inspired to the contemporary composers. The closing of the disc presents 3 of Centazzo solos recorded live in concert in Berlin as early as 1977. In the middle you can hear an ensemble including Centazzo on percussion and electronics and four more percussion players: David Moss, Steve Hubback, Jeffrey Daniel Jensen, Per Oliver Jorgens. Recorded in Arhus, Denmark.


Playing with Swiss percussionist Pierre Favre in 1977 and Americans David Moss in 1978 and a 24-year-old Alex Cline in 1980, the recordings show Centazzo's strength lying with the metal: Cymbals, chimes and gongs leap out against the sound of the drum kits. (Kurt Gottschalk, AllAboutJazz) more


En rééditant à son rythme l'ensemble de ses enregistrements, le percussionniste Andrea Centazzo met peu à peu à jour un catalogue impressionnant dévoué à une musique improvisée contemplative. (Le son du Grisli) more

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