4-CD Box-Sets

Ictus 502

Guido Mazzon , Andrea Centazzo 


The '70s in Italy (and Europe, in general) were times of extreme political tension charged with subversion, terrorism and bombings. In this climate of heightened emotions, fear and hope there came about an era of music of the left, dominated by the avant-garde which was associated with the cultural revolution taking place.
Artists would show their commitment to the cause both by keeping up with current events in the world, and by translating these facts into their work, in an ever closer linking between thought and action: for the songwriters it was their lyrics, for instrumentalists through avant-garde composition or jazz... (excerpt from line notes)


In 1976 Italian trumpet player Guido Mazzon and Andrea Centazzo joined for one of the most exciting musical adventures of that period. The understanding between the two was magic: they crossed contemporary music, jazz, folk music and new experimental music making a perfect blend out of it.  "Double" shows in the clean sound of the digital re-mastering the astonishing beauty of a music that still remains unique. (BLG, Downtown Music Gallery)

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