Single CD

Ictus 137

Lol Coxhill, Franz Koglmann, Andrea Centazzo


The collaboration between Andrea Centazzo and Lol Coxhill lasted few years and saw mainly  the two playing in duo or  with the trumpeter Franz Koglmann. Centazzo was also performing few duo concerts with Koglmann and this CD presents tracks in the 3 combinations.
All materials were recorded live in Vienna, Innsbruck and Bologna. Hard core of the CD is the Vienna Bosendorfer Saal Concert, one of the  best, if not the best, of this trio.


Both Lol and Franz have unique tones on their respective horns and sound superb playing around and with each other as Andrea is the perfect foil playing assorted percussion weaving punctuation, textures and rhythm amongst the two horns. Both horns are bathed slightly with natural reverb from the hall they are playing in and both horns work in similar tonal areas so that they always sound sympathetic when playing together. (BLG, Downtown Music Gallery)

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