Single CD

Ictus 134

Andrea Centazzo Mitteleuropa Orchestra






Released originally as double LP: Cjant - First Concert For Small Orchestra Based Upon Friulian Folk Songs, is Centazzo's first orchestral composition combining a string section along with the original Mitteleuropa (Free Jazz) Orchestra. The name for the ensemble came not only from the cultural background of its members but also from middle-European mold of the music written for it.
In the Mitteleuropa Orchestra, Centazzo brought together the finest artists in the field of creative music on the European scene at that time: the Austrian trumpeter-Franz Koglmann, the Portuguese violinist-Carlo Zingaro, saxophonist-Roberto Ottaviano, multi-instrumentalist-Gianluigi Trovesi, and clarinetists-Carlo Actis Dato and Teo Jorgesmann, as well as occasional guest appearances from trombonist-Albert Mangellsdorf, bassist-Mark Dresser and french horn player-Martin Mayer. Cjant is a fundamental chapter in the group's history.


Bologna's Mitteleuropa Orchestra brought energy to Centazzo's favorite stylist sensibilities with fluid timbres and chromatic nuances. Unlike the more anarchistic Globe Unity or ICP Orchestras though, Centazzo's composedly hand makes sure each piece has a definite beginning, end and middle. (Kim Waxman, jazzword.com)

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