The NY Tapes

Single CD

Ictus 127

Tom Cora, John Zorn, Polly Bradfield, Eugene Chadbourne, Toshinori Kondo, Andrea Centazzo


In 1978, thanks to Eugene Chadbourne, Davey Williams and John Zorn I was able to organize a memorable US tour. On this CD you'll find the original New York recording session with a sextet of great musicians. The tape has been released in the past on ICTUS LP in a reduced version and on CD in an unfortunate cut full of wrong edit. Now you can finally enjoy the music as it was conceived and performed.
Environment for sextet LP was made possible by a generous loan from the unforgettable Tom Cora, without which I would not have been able to release it. Tom had the foresight. In fact, for years this was considered one of the best combos to emerge from the nascent New York scene. This CD is dedicated to the memory of our beloved friend Tom Cora. (Andrea Centazzo)

Review exemplar of radical free improvisation, with lots of tiny sounds that, as a whole, weather the years well, sounding fresh and exciting when reissued in 2006, nearly three decades after the recording was made...

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