A New Shock

Single CD

Ictus 133

Gianluigi Trovesi,  Andrea Centazzo


Gianluigi Trovesi is one of the most respected Jazz musicians of our time: he recorded extensively for ECM, ENJA and other major labels in different combinations with the best Jazz players in the world.

SHOCK was recorded in 1983 followed by a concert tour and many other recordings in different combinations. Here you'll find some new materials and the old ones re-mastered  and re-organized as in the original sessions.


This is a most well-matched duo with both players combining forces and determining the direction throughout.  This is one of those rare duo discs that sounds fully realized, as each piece utilizes different ideas and approaches. This is yet another surprising gem from the ever-growing catalogue of wonders at the Ictus Label.  (BLG, Downtown Music)

$ 16.49